Monday, August 23, 2010

More Silhouette Giveaways!

Stephanie, at Under the Table and Dreaming,  Kara's Party Blog, The Shabby Nest, and Grosgrain Fabulous are all offering a deal to win a Silhouette Craft Cutting Machine!! Woo hoo!!  Boy, would that ever look great sittin' in my craft room! LOL

If you wanna try to win one, go HERE and HERE and HERE and, yeah, HERE
Thanks, Stephanie at Under the Table Dreaming, Kara's Party Blog,  The Shabby Nest, and Grosgrain Fabulous for giving us a chance at an early Chrsitmas present!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teacher Gifts for the New School Year

Is it just me or did summer just fly by?  I can barely remember what all I did this summer.  And yet, this morning, I found myself driving my son to school amid 1,000 other parents shuttling children to elementary and middle and high school.  Where did summer go?

Now my son is in middle school and too old to be taking teacher gifts to school.  HE says he's too old.  I say, teachers never grow tired of useful and thoughtful teacher gifts.  Uhhh...tell that to a 12 year old boy!  He's not going for it!

Regardless...I have been a blog hoppin (and boy, are my legs tired...he he) and I have seen some sweet, creative ideas for teacher gifts this year.  If you are lucky enough to have a child still willing to take in a gift to the teacher, here are some doozies for you to try out...

Oops, I Craft My Pants (love that blog title!) never disappoints with her creations.  HERE she shows how to decorate lotion bottles (with free patterns).

Ten Cow Chick has posted an adorable, cheap and easy idea for hand sanitizer.  Jazzin' up hand sanitizers for teachers is nothing new.  But she had a great idea with her label.  Check it out HERE

HERE How Does She back in March of this year posted an adorable idea for etching glass and using a Cricut for lettering!  Cute!!  What teacher would say, 'uh, thanks but I don't need that.' 

HERE The Creative Itch back in December of 2009 (yeah, I bookmark that far back!) posted a cute idea for a simple tile from Home Depot modgepodged with an awesome quote for her child's teacher.  My friend, and fellow blogger, Jenn at The Frugal Front Porch did her own take on tile creating HERE.  I love the saying she chose for her pillow project:

Skip To My Lou posted a cute idea 2 years ago using a 7 day a week pill case filled with teacher necessities.  Very creative and inexpensive!!

Eighteen25's blog posted a great idea using large calculators to make a really cute and useful teacher gift!

They also posted one of my favorites using a chinese take out box and adding a personalized label and chocolate dipped fortune cookies inside!  LOVE this idea!!!  See it HERE with free dowloads for the label!

HERE they show how to make a cute grass potted plant for the teacher!
They even include a free download!  Can you tell I love their blog?!

Whatever you decide to do for your child's teacher, make sure they know you are there if they need you.  Beyond any teacher gift, that is appreciated more than anything!