Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of Year Teacher Gift

It's hard to believe that kids are finishing up school for the year and summer is starting!  Where did the year go?  Times are tight for all of us and I am always surfing the net for ideas for quick, easy, and *cheap* ideas for gifts.  This is the time of year to remember our teachers.  Teacher Appreciation Week was just at the beginning of the month, so I needed something low-key and enjoyable.  Kristen of Paper Crave was a guest blogger for The Sweetest Occasion and posted a template for a retro milk carton favor box!  This was the perfect fit!  Check out this cutie here!!

The sweetest little fold-it-up yourself template to make a milk carton just like you see in the school lunchrooms!  Here are some other views of it:

Caaauuute!!  It's small and will hold a little treat.  Also included on the template is a mini report card for teacher and a recipe card that fits inside the report card holder.  Here's what mine looked like after it was assembled:

What did I put in my little milk carton?  Chewy homemade brownies!!  Yum!
The carton will hold two small square brownies wrapped in wax paper to keep the oil from getting onto the paper carton.  What a sweet, personalized gift for my son's teacher! 

The carton was very easy to assemble once cut out with scissors and I used double stick tape to hold it all together! The templates for these are free and found at this page when you scroll down!


Diane said...

There are going to be some happy teachers getting that sweet little "milk carton". What a clever way to pkg. those delish looking brownies:o)

I'm heading over to grab that little carton for future use. Thanks for sharing where to get it.

Jennifer said...

That is SUPER cute! I'll use this one next year for sure!!! ;D

Thanks Karen!!!