Friday, February 11, 2011

Shower Curtain Love

Call me weird but I am starting to have some serious love for my bathroom!  We bought our house about 3 years ago, and, while our master bathroom has some wonderful features (his and her closets, big garden tub, big vanity...) there are some features I really hated. 

For one...we had this awful, cheap shower enclosure blocking that big, gorgeous garden tub.  The doors on it weren't glass...they were textured plastic.  Ugh.  I hated them from the day we moved in.  After harping on my husband for about 3 months now...I finally nagged motivated him to remove them!  He had been dreading it for those 3 months, but turns out he dreaded for nothing.  Removing those shower doors proved to take approximately 15 minutes, from start to finish!  Ha!!  They left behind 6 holes in the wall of the shower enclosure but those were easily patched up with little plastic covers from Home Depot for under $2!  Using a little caulk remover (wonderful stuff) and a plastic putty knife, all the old, moldy silicone came right off and we had a nice, clean white tub.

Now...this brought me to the path I wanted to be on since we moved in... picking out a shower curtain.  Finally!!  At first, just to get by, we went with a plain, white vinyl shower curtain.  This was just until I made up my mind what I wanted to put up in there permanently. two little kittens and two adult cats decided that vinyl curtain made for great fun and, in about 3 weeks, had it shredded completely!

The walls were painted a custom red color (we picked) to match our bedroom.  The trim is white.  So, I went with a red fabric curtain with a clear vinyl liner behind it.  Really, really like it!  The cats, believe it or not, don't even bother the clear liner now that there is a cloth one over it! Go figure!

For some time, I've been wanting a shower curtain with monograming.  I saw these two shower curtains at Ballards Design:

But...I was NOT in love with the price tag!  Plus...they weren't available in red.  I decided, why not MAKE my own monogramed shower curtain??  It could be done.  Right?

I own a lovely Cricut Expression.  I do not use this machine near enough to justify what we paid for it!  Nothing would make my husband (who bought it for me as a gift for Christmas) happier than to see me use it, right?

I have read on other blogs that you can now get flocked heat transfer vinyl.  Since my new shower curtain is cotton, this will work well on it.  It runs for only 6.99 for a 12" x 24" sheet @  I have ordered regular vinyl for my Cricut from them before.  If you consider doing this, remember that the heat transfer vinyls do NOT work on nylon or vinyl.  So if your shower curtain is vinyl or nylon, you'll need to just use regular stick on vinyl.

I plan to use my Cricut to cut out a monogram letter for our last name and iron this onto the center of my shower curtain.  I would like to either border the letter with a large circle cut out or a box cut out (similar to the 2nd Ballard pic).   I plan to use white flocked heat transfer against the red, which will match our trim. 

This bathroom has morphed into a theme, too.  My husband bought a wonderful, matted photo print from 911.  He and a friend visited NY a few years ago and bought it from a street vendor.  I'll have to post a picture of it because my description does not do it justice.  It is basically an 11 x 16 collage of the heroic efforts made to find people missing in the rubble.  In the background is a ghostly image of a close up of the statue of liberty and the flag.  It is just amazing!  I framed this myself and we hung it in the bathroom.  There are lots of shades of red in the photo.  I'd like to add some more artwork from 911 and/or patriotic prints in the future. 

These subtle changes to a room that had its pros and cons has now turned into a more favorite room in my house!

Do you have any rooms that you have re-done to help accentuate the positives?

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