Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Decorations (on the cheap)

Not sure about you, but I just realized Easter is sneaking up on us fast!  This weekend I dragged out my Easter decoration tote and proceeded to decorate.  I realized, rather quickly, that I have a limited amount of decorations for this holiday.

I wanted a couple of nice table centerpieces but didn't want to spend a lot of money. Dollar Tree is great when you are faced with this predictament!  I was able to make 2 centerpieces for about $12.  I was able to make 2 because I already had a big candle vase that only needed filling.  I bought 1 vase from Dollar Tree.  Here's my creations:

This one uses a vase, 3 bags of gourmet jelly beans, 2 faux spring flower bunches,
and a roll of tule.  All of this came from the Dollar Tree for $1 each!! Total:  $7  This one, by far, is my favorite!!  And later?  We can eat the jelly beans!!!

This one cost a mere $5.  I already had the candle vase, plastic eggs, little bunny pick, and left-over tulle from the first arrangement.  I only needed 4 faux flower springs and some easter grass.

Have you made anything cute for Easter (on the cheap) lately?  If so... do share!
I have some areas in the house that need more decorations!!

I'm linking up with Stephanie's linky party  HERE!  Hope you will too!


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