Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For Pete's Sake Pottery - a thank you!

About a month and a half ago, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway
from Bird @ Bird's Party blog HERE.  What did I win?
$50 worth of pottery from For Pete's Sake Pottery!! Heck ya!!

Susan Brown, owner of this wonderful hand-painted gift store,
has quite a talent for making beautiful pottery items.  Her painting skills are
extraordinary!  One we exchanged info back and forth, Susan allowed me
to pick from her many different pottery pieces, like these:

Cute glass pitcher

Awesome ceramic tray - how handy would this be?

Caaa-uuutee wreath, personalized!

Bunny plate - just in time for easter!

Bowl (for your jelly beans...they never last that long in our house!)

Everything she has is so cute!  It was hard to decide.  But I finally picked something!
I've been needing a dessert plate for a long time.  Something cute and great
to use to display sweets for my blog.  Susan was so easy to work with!
She let me pick my own colors and design and she made some awesome
color suggestions!

So... here it is...my new dessert plate, handmade by Susan!

I love it!!  She did an awesome job on it!  It is even better than
I imagined, if that is possible!  Thanks, Susan!
She also sent along the cutest little chick magnet for my
fridge and this little cutie: 

How cute, right?!!  It's over the top cute!
I thought I'd christen the dessert plate with some Supreme Bars! Mmm!

Hope you'll check out Susan's site on Etsy (web address above).
She's also on Facebook for those of you that use that!

Susan, I couldn't be happier with my goodies!  Thank you so much!


Susan said...

Karen, you are SO sweet!! Can you see I'm blushing?
Thanks a million!!
Susan =)

cleverlyinspired said...

Couldn't agree more! Love Susan's work!!

Bird said...

Man, you did good there!! I have an illness for cupcake stands, and that one is sooooo special!! Imagine a nice New Years Party, Oscar nights, Dalmatians!! Oooh the possibilities!!

LOVE every item especially the fridge magnet!! :)

Thanks for the shout out!!

Unknown said...

Wow! You're one talented girl! Thanks for sharing. :)

Erin said...

Oh my gosh! What cute things she has!!! Congrats on your excellent win!